It is not a dusty Bible story, but the most sweeping musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber behind this title. Joseph is special: He is blessed with prophetic dreams. From jealousy to his father's favorite son, his eleven brothers sold him as slaves to Egypt. But Joseph is all the challenges and is finally appointed by the Pharaoh for his abilities as a substitute. Unrecognized, he meets his brothers again, who begrudgely begrudge him at his feet. After Joseph has put her to the test, he forgives them and the family is reunited.

A full musical performance with a cast of 85 staring members of the Salzburger Festspiele and the Theater.

© Anna-Maria Löffelberger


"If you love movement, youth and action, here is gold-righteous. Expression and claim have an ideal degree of coverage. Problems as spicy ingredients for wholesome consumption are not the theme, but the driving force for the action. [...] Movement comes across the body to the receptors of happiness, so that the audience at the final potpourgy enthusiastically supports the beat. A great event, not only for families and friends."


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